We breed and sell alpacas and we make and sell products made from alpaca fleece

* We sell cria (the young) “at foot” when you purchase their dam and the cria comes too, as it is still being fed by the dam.Alpacas are usually weaned at about six months of age.

We sell crias' "at foot" but without their dam,  In this case you then collect the cria when it is weaned, and take it home.

Buying an "at foot" cria is the least expensive way to purchase an alpaca but do keep in mind that the very young is the most fragile and its survival, as with any animal, is not guaranteed.

We sell weanling.  These are alpacas from six to eighteen months of age that have recently been weaned.  As such you can have the pleasure of them while they are still young.  Female alpacas can be mated at 14 months of age or when they reach 45 Kg in weight, whichever comes first.  You will then have 49 weeks to wait for their first birthing.

We sell young adult females, often pregnant.  Young but mature females with a proven record of birthing healthy cria are more expensive but will add to your herd more rapidly than will weanlings.

* We sell older adult females.  An inexpensive way to purchase a top quality female, who should then give you top quality cria, is to purchase a relatively old female.  She may only give you one or two offspring, but their quality will far outstrip your initial You can then breed on from these youngsters when they grow up.

We sell castrated males. These make excellent pets, grass cutters, local attractions, and have a number of other uses.  Like all alpacas they will attack and kill foxes or wild dogs, particularly if or when they attack cria, lambs or poultry.  Alpacas are gentle in all other respects.

We sell intact males to be used for breeding.  These should be of the best possible quality as this will affect the quality of their progeny and the fleece, and the value of these when you come to sell them. 

When purchasing an alpaca it is well to keep in mind their end product.  You can create an income stream by selling on the offspring and by sell the products.  The key to this is the quality of the fleece.  We suggest you check the characteristics of the fleece of any animal you consider purchasing, it's fineness and uniformity.  The better the fleece the better will be the products you can make, or have made, from it, and the more valuable the alpaca's offspring.


When you visit us for a Hands-On Day (see News and Events for details) you can visit our "Alpaca Shop" and see a variety of alpaca products.  Below you will see a variety of the products which can buy either at our shop or by post. 

Each alpaca gives several Kgs of fleece and looks amazingly small and neat once 'undressed' by our shearer

The best fleece, generally the saddle from each alpaca, is spun into the yarn. 

We sell the fleece, unspun, by the Kg, for those wanting to spin their own or to do felting.  

It is available in a wide range of colours:white, off-white, fawn, honey, light, medium and dark browns, russet, grey and black.

Alpaca fleece has almost no lanoline and can be spun just as it comes off the animals.

We normally give over the Kg to allow for any small amount of wastage or discards, though the fleece is usually very clean and ready to spin or felt.

All the yarn used for our products comes from the fleece of our own alpacas.  It is sent away for spinning and then returned to us as yarn.

We have a range of products available in our Alpaca Shop.  They are all knitted or crocheted by hand.

Individual items in the range  may vary.  They sell well but we manage to make them as fast as they sell and so keep the stock level up.

The fleece 'seconds' from the rest of the alpaca, are used to make wonderfully light and luxurious duvets, mattress toppers,  pillows and cushions.  

They are all made entirely from natural products.

They can be purchased from us and delivered directly to you.  Contact us to discuss sizes and prices

Mattress Toppers

These come in multiple sizes, from 'cot' to 'emperor'


Also from 'cot' to 'emperor in size

Let us know the products in which you are interested and we will supply full details.  When purchasing it is essential that the order, delivery details and the payment all arrive together so that we can link them to each other

You can contact us on + 353 (0)46-973-1191,  + 44(0)20-7824-8153 or M: +44(0)7474-108-208

xandria@xandriawilliams.co.uk.  Please note, mobile contact is limited when we are all in Ireland and there is no internet or email contact available.  However this is only for a few days a month.

Please leave messages and we will get back to you.

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Our latest cria1
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Yarn and fleece for sale
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